‘Axshya’ means ‘no TB’ or TB free program from MAMTA as Principal recipient, for Global Fund grant through The UNION. The overall goal of the Axshya program is to raise awareness about TB infection, screening people and getting them tested at various DOTS centre run under RNTCP program of Delhi government in NDMC area. OPNP+ organized door-to-door Axshya dialog “Axshya Samwad” in the marginalized communities and slums. The field workers organized “Community Sensitization Meeting” and Awareness Campaign in various areas of Delhi. Our Field Workers and Volunteers mainly focus on the slum areas of Delhi where people are more susceptible to TB bacteria infection.

Using a colorful, illustrated Patients’ Charter, Project Axshya sensitized just over 10934 TB patients in 2018-19. The charter, which has been translated into Hindi languages, empowers patients by ensuring that they understand their rights, make informed choices and become equal partners in the management of their care.
The rights outlined include:
• Right to information about their disease and treatment
• Right to be treated with respect and dignity
• Right to confidentiality
• Right to job security, nutritional support, and quality-assured diagnostics and drugs

The charter also informs patients about their responsibility to adhere to treatment, encourages them to share complete information about their condition with their healthcare providers, and invites them to help others facing the challenge of TB.

Working in 300 districts, Axshya reached the patients by supporting the development of district TB forums that include community leaders, TB-affected persons and members of other civil society organisations. Members of the forum are then trained to present the charter to the patients in their communities.

Reaching women is one of the priorities of the program with the goal that they should make up 30 percent of the participants in the sessions.
Since TB disproportionately affects the poor and underprivileged, this type of sensitization is crucial to raising awareness amongst both patients and communities and to controlling the spread of TB and saving lives.


In target 7 Districts of Delhi covering 10 Chest Clinic out of 25, the community volunteers “Axshya Mitras” through OPNP, the project has mapped marginalized and vulnerable areas of districts. In these target areas, house-to-house visits are made by “Axshya Mitras” to educate the community about TB care and control, identify TB symptomatic – referrals and or sputum collection and transportation. In the process, 1000 -1500 vulnerable households (including, slums, in Urban areas) are visited by Axshya Mitras every month in 7 districts. Over the past 9 months, 10934 households were reached through Axshya Samvad, which together led to 260 symptomatic persons being referred for testing, of which 20 were confirmed to have TB.

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