VIHAAN – Improving Quality of Life for People Living with HIV Named for the Sanskrit word for ‘dawn’s first light,’ Vihaan is a national initiative to establish hundreds of Care & Support Centres(CSCs) across India to provide expanded access to key services, increase treatment adherence, reduce stigma and discrimination, and improve the quality of life of people living with HIV (PLHIV). The program is designed as the care &support component of the country’s HIV response under National AIDS ControlProgramme IV (NACP IV).

Working in close collaboration with the Department of AIDS Control and with support from the Global Fund, the program operates in 31 states and territories and will reach more than one million PLHIV by 2016. The Vihaanconsortium is led by India HIV/AIDSAlliance and 17 state-level PLHIVnetworks and NGOs, which in turn partner with district-level PLHIV networks and other organizations to deliver care &support services in communities. In Delhi OPNP + is running one of this CSC covering Ram ManhorLohia hospital and reaching out approximately  6500 patients every year. 

CSC Services

Counseling Support from trained counselors is available to individuals, couples, groups, children, and adolescents living with HIV on a range of priorities, including antiretroviral treatment (ART) and adherence, positive prevention, nutrition, sexual & reproductive health, and other need-based issues.

Outreach services include follow-up with PLHIV on ART, CD4 testing, tracking ‘lost-to-follow-up’ or ‘missed’ cases, motivating family members for HIV testing, and training on home-based care.

Referrals CSCs provide referrals to general healthcare providers such as government hospitals and tertiary facilities, as well as other HIV-related services like integrated counseling and testing (ICT), prevention of parent to child transmission (PPTCT), tuberculosis (TB) co-infection, opportunistic infections (OIs), sexually-transmitted infections

(STIs), opioid substitution therapy (OST), and palliative care. The centres also support referrals for legal services and crisis response.


CSC staff support PLHIV to access, register for, and avail various government social protection and welfare schemes and entitlements, as well as helping them acquire important identity documents like ration cards, voter IDs, Aadhaar numbers, and PAN cards.


Indicators Achievement
1 No. of PLHIVs registered at ART at OPNP+ CSC. 6462
2 No. of PLHIVs registered in ART Centre and on ART are registered in the OPNP+ CSC. 6462
3 No of registered PLHIVs receiving at least one counseling session on thematic areas in CSCs. 1542
4 No of registered PLHIV receiving at least one counseling session on thematic areas in CCSs. 3433
5 No of PLHIV whose at least one family member or sexual partner referred for HIV testing and received test result. 176
6 No of PLHIV registered in CSC linked to Govt. Social Welfare Schemes. 54
7   Proportion of PLHIV LFU (Lost of Follow Up) Tracking beginning CSC till August Delhi & NCR 1326
8 Proportion of PLHIV Lost to Follow Up brought (LFU) back to ART centre for treatment 684
9 TB Screening for PLHIV registered at OPNP+ CSC. 1269