Empowering communities through HUMAN  RIGHTS

The term ‘Wajood’ means ‘right or privileges’. The Wajood Program is especially for empowering the weaker, poor, and backward / minority communities and people suffering from long term illness, handicapped, children with disabilities and men/women struggling with poverty. This program offers support and services for the basic rights as listed below:

Right to Food (National Food Security Act, 2013)

The Food Security Act, 2013 covers every poor individual/family for the right to food and minimum required nutritional support. Under this Act, Wajood offers people who are settlers in the slum and marginalized areas of Delhi/NCR to apply for AAY, BPL, and Annashree Ration Card Schemes. Wajood program also cares and supports distributing nutritional support to individuals and families suffering from long-term illnesses. The Corporate Sector and some individuals volunteer for such donation-based support.

Right to Education

Program Wajood offers all of the children and eligible people the right to education by inviting skilled teachers to volunteer for teaching children from weaker sections of the society in Delhi. 

Right to Livelihood

Program Wajood with the help of community volunteers raises awareness either door-to-door dialog or meetings about Livelihood or Income Generation Programs offered by Delhi or Central Government.

Right to Social Security

Program Wajood by OPNP+ offers the people from marginalized section of the society to get Social Entitlement like UIDAI No. (Aadhar), Voter Card, Birth/Death Certificate, Disability / Handicapped Certification, Income Proof, Ladlee Scheme for encouraging girl child attending regular schooling etc through various Governmental Agencies and Schemes.

Right to Social Justice

Every member of slum area settled in Delhi are not aware of their rights hence often face discrimination while managing their livelihood or face issues at work. Our team of Lawyers promptly responds to such Social Justice and offer free consultation and friendly support in such cases.

Women Empowerment

The Wajood Program especially gives emphasis in empowering the poor as “Nari Shakti” meaning “women empowerment” and slogan “SashaktNari-SashaktSamaj” (from Ministry of Child and Women Welfare Department meaning only empowered women and girls can build a better society and strengthen the community. Wajood program offers to form Self Help Groups in different areas where women are struggling with poverty. Through Self Help Groups they can save and organize their women based entrepreneurship businesses to generate income and live a better life.

Save the Girl Child

“BetiBacho-BetiPadao” the slogan meaning help the girl child be welcomed equally as the male child and all facilities and gender equality rights be given equally to the girl child born in a family. The volunteers at OPNP+ arrange to achieve this objective by arranging Self Help Group Meetings and raising awareness regarding the wide girl sex ratio difference due to pre-natal abortions and an odd mindset of the older generation.

Free Wajood Homeopathic Camp (Free Check-up & Free medicine distribution)

Dr. Shoaib Khan (Scientist) has volunteered to manage monthly Homeopathic Camps for people suffering from long term illnesses after getting no relief or effective treatment from conventional medicinal clinics and hospitals. The Camp has been warmly welcomed by people and various people have got relief from long term illnesses, like weight-loss, vision problems, mobility and reflexes inabilities, migraine etc.